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Please visit the Academic Advising Network for current updates on curriculum changes and AAN Workshop dates.

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If you teach freshmen, please help us with our Freshman Attendance-Based Intervention (FABI) program. As an instructor, you report absences through our secure FABI website (found under “Reporting Services” on the gray bar of on-line faculty tools) and we check in with the student.

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Student Success &FYE  @OleMissCSSFYE
Happy New Year and Welcome Back Winter Intercession Students!! https://t.co/4WRECN5bCQ 
Student Success &FYE  @OleMissCSSFYE
Looking for a place to study? Here are 24 hour locations on campus: Lamar (floors 1-4), Bishop, Bryant (lobby & 2nd floor), Hume (1st floor)