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EDHE 101 – Academic Skills for College

Sometimes the transition from high school to college is a little more difficult than students (and parents) anticipate and students end their first semester on probation. All is not lost! We can help you recover your good academic standing through EDHE 101, Academic Skills for College. This course is designed to help freshmen become more self-regulated learners, leading better academic performance. For additional information, please review our course syllabus.

What is EDHE 101?, a video explanation.

For questions about this program please contact Dr. Rebekah Reysen.


Freshman students placed on academic probation after their first semester will be required to take this course the following semester.

If students retake a course(s) and use the retake option of the Forgiveness Policy to improve their GPA to a level of good academic standing, EDHE 101 is encouraged, but not required. If a student uses the exclusion option of the Forgiveness Policy (i.e. forgives a grade without retaking the same course) to obtain good academic standing, then EDHE 101 is required.  There is a $200 course fee for EDHE 101 which covers the following: an electronic copy of the textbook, various academic assessments, and administrative/instructor fees. (If students wish to purchase a copy of the text, they are able to do so at Sam/Gerard Hall for an additional $20).

Our Philosophy

Effective study skills are key to learning in college and beyond. However, focusing on study skills alone is typically too difficult for students to comprehend and apply. Therefore, in EDHE 101 we learn and then practice. practice, practice! Each week, one new study skill is introduced. We practice it on generic material and then we practice it on one of the other courses each week.

Collaborative Learning

The college classroom environment is significantly different from high school. One of these differences is instructional time. A typical high school class meets for 180 instructional hours; a typical college class meets for less than a quarter of the time. One of the best ways for students to make up that deficit in instructional time is to form study groups wherein they teach each other and learn from each other. EDHE 101 utilizes collaborative learning techniques on a weekly basis.

Study Skills

Each week, we focus on a different study skill or habit. These study skills include: Time management, goal setting, note-taking systems, reading strategies, mind maps, study sanctuaries, exploring levels of learning, etc. Some of these skills are “old hat” and some are new concepts. But simply learning about effective study skills does little to help students; the value of effective study skills lies in applying those skills to courses when and where they are needed. Weekly homework assignments will encourage that transfer of knowledge.

Other Learning Resources

The Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience is dedicated to helping students develop more effective study skills and habits. If the practices employed in Academic Skills for College are insufficient for you personally, please let us know. We will work with you to supplement the techniques used in EDHE 101 and provide you with as much additional support as we are able.

Additional resources, open to all currently enrolled University of Mississippi students, include study skills resources, DIY Learning Tools workshops, Supplemental Instruction, Academic Consultations, and a list of departmental tutoring contacts and help rooms. Please explore our site to see what all is available to you.