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NACADA Conferences

2023 NACADA Annual Conference – Orlando, Florida – October 4-7, 2023

Current Advising Information

  • New Majors
    • B.A.J. in Journalism has added emphasis area of Sports Media
  • New Minors
    • eSports
    • Social Work
    • Freedom Studies
    • American Sign Language Interpreting
    • Biomechanics
  • Major Curriculum Changes
    • ACT of 24 (not 25) no pre-requisite for CHEM 105, BISC 160, and to declare Engineering
    • ALEKS Placement Assessment can be taken for students without test scores. Low scores can also take if prior to the start of their enrollment
    • Moving away from languages fulfilling humanities requirement in all degrees per SACS accreditation
    • B.Accy now has option for MATH 167 (Business Math) and MATH 267 (Business Calculus I) for their math requirement and removed the 6 hours of language or literature, and economics will fulfill social science
    • B.S. in IMC can take any social science (POL 101 not required) and will only require 6 hours of science