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Student Persistence

The Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience cares deeply about the persistence and success of our students.

Student persistence is a partnership between the University, the student, and the student’s chosen family. Listed below are some of the ways the Center helps students connect to the University, resources, and their own success:

  • Developmental and Intrusive Advising
  • Checking schedules to see who may not be enrolled in EDHE 105 and may benefit from the class
  • Campus referrals regarding any first-year issues
  • GroupMe social media groups by state/region for students to find connections
  • Sunday Search: meet and greet by state/region (same as the GroupMe social media groups) for students to find their classes
  • Director emails students and listed family members monthly about important dates and pertinent information
  • Low mid-term grade contact for support
  • Academic Support Programs
  • StudentsFIRST


Jennifer Fos, Ph.D.

Associate Director