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EDHE 105 & 305



EDHE 105 and 305 are designed to help our freshman and transfer students make a positive transition from high school to college, develop a better understanding of the learning process, enhance their academic skills , acquire essential life skills to ensure their success, and to begin their exploration of the career and major that are best for them. During the semester, our students will be introduced to the mission, values, and constituencies of the University of Mississippi and the ethical and social concerns that they may face as a member of this community.

EDHE 105 and 305 are not eligible to be repeated for forgiveness credit, however they can be utilized for exclusion. Forgiveness policies can be found here:


The multi-faceted purpose of this course is to introduce our freshman students to a broad overview of the following:

  • University life, history and traditions
  • Time management skills
  • Budgeting and money management skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Learning styles
  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • Effective writing and speaking skills
  • Reading strategies
  • Exam and test-taking strategies
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Healthy relationships
  • Salubrious living habits

Additionally this course helps our freshman students:

  • Become aware of their individual personality type and their learning style preferences.
  • Become socially and academically integrated into our University.
  • Become involved in community service with Oxford/University/Lafayette County communities.
  • Begin the process of academic major and career selections.
  • Understand, value, and honor diversity.
  • Develop values and ethics that foster healthy human relationships.


EDHE 105, one of the current academic components of the First-Year Experience Program at Ole Miss, was originally introduced in 1963 as Effective Study, which was a 2 hour course. Due to its growing popularity and success, since the fall of 2009, EDHE 105 has been offered as a letter-graded, 3-hour credit course offered to all entering freshmen on the main Ole Miss campus in the fall semester only. EDHE 105 is an elective course for the majority of its freshman enrollees; however there are some University programs that require their students to enroll in specialized cohorts of this course, including the LuckyDay Scholars, the Provost Scholars, the FastTrack Program and the Ole Miss Opportunity Program.

Although still primarily an elective course, enrollment in EDHE 105 has grown dramatically over the last few years. In the fall of 2009, there were 543 freshmen enrolled in 29 sections of EDHE 105, which represented 20% of the freshman class for that semester. In the fall of 2010, the enrollment swelled to 951 students in 44 sections, representing 34 % of our freshman class. For the fall of 2011, there were 60 sections of EDHE 105 enrolling approximately 1,500 entering freshman students. As of fall of 2017, 134 sections of the course are offered, enrolling 2776 freshman and representing 75% of the class. Our freshman students who enroll in and successfully complete the EDHE 105 course excel academically at higher levels in their first semester than those freshmen who do not take this course. Furthermore, EDHE 105 freshmen historically have a higher retention rate and are more likely to successfully return to school for their second and ensuing semesters.