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Success Coaches

Success Coaches are dedicated to helping sophomores, juniors, and seniors define academic, personal, and career goals. Success Coaches provide guidance to support students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and culturally, in order to assist them in maximizing their college experience and reach their goals after graduation.  Success Coaches strive to build strong relationships with their students to help identify strengths, boost motivation, cultivate confidence, and address any barriers to success.

Please visit the official IMPACT website for additional information on this program:

Success Coaches work on the following with students:

  • Build community / trust
  • Goal Setting
    • Identify strengths
    • Development – both current and future
    • Plan of action to complete degree
    • Motivate & inspire to accomplish
    • Hold students accountable
  • Consult / Assist / Refer (may include workshops) – Skill Building
    • Problem resolution
    • Time management
    • Create balance / stress management
    • Study skills / tutoring / supplemental instruction
    • Personal development
    • Professional development
    • Campus involvement – community
  • Academic progress
    • Consult on
    • Meet to discuss (face-to-face or on Zoom)
    • Help to navigate systems…myOleMiss, Blackboard, etc.
    • Use program analytics to monitor
  • Liaison of students to:
    • Faculty
    • School / College
    • CSSFYE
    • Financial Aid
    • Bursar
    • Counseling Center
    • Advising


Success Coaches do not do the following:

  • Academic Advising / Registration
  • Make decisions for students
  • Complete students’ work for them
  • Serve as mediators between faculty and students
  • Contact faculty or staff on the student’s behalf
  • Provide subject-specific tutoring
  • Provide psychological counseling services
  • Lift Holds. We will advocate for students when working with offices across campus, but we are not able to lift holds.



Hope Tulchinsky ( works with the College of Liberal Arts and is located in Johnson Commons East 107.


Veronica Crawford ( works with General Studies and is located in Johnson Commons East 132.


Stephen Willhauck ( works with the School of Business and is located in Holman Hall 239.


Anna Lauren Heavener ( works with the School of Applied Sciences and is located in Mayes 113.