Contractual Readmission Program (CRP)


Students that are academically suspended at the end of the semester may continue their enrollment without sitting out a semester by choosing to participate in the Contractual Readmission Program (CRP) offered through the Center for Student Success and First Year Experience (CSSFYE). This program was instituted due to significant changes in Federal financial aid regulations and the elimination of the “second Pell Grant” many students used to fund their summer enrollment. The CRP provides an alternative to the summer option and allows students to continue their enrollment without disruption.

The CRP offers additional support to students but requires a higher level of commitment and academic performance in return. This option is available only to students that are academically suspended, not dismissed, and requires an application process. As a general rule, applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of the spring/fall semester, but please follow the posted deadline for each semester.

CRP Application (click here)

Please complete the application by August 2, 2019. Submission instructions can be found in the document.

For questions about this program please email us at

Application Process

Student completes and signs the 2-page CRP Application, submitting it by the posted deadline. By signing the application students acknowledge and agree to the restrictions and higher standards as outlined below.

  1. Program counselor reviews the application and contacts the student to schedule an interview. Students who are unable to meet in person for the interview can request to have their interview conducted over the phone.
  2. Interview is conducted and any additional information needed from student will be requested at this time.
  3. The student is responsible for submitting their own Financial Aid Appeal (if needed).
  4. If student is accepted into the program they will be contacted by e-mail with further instructions. Program counselors notify the Office of the Registrar that the student has been accepted into the CRP and can be readmitted on probation.
  5. Once students have been readmitted they will need to add the EDHE 202 course to their schedule.

Program Components

Students that choose to participate in the Contractual Readmission Program can benefit in the following ways:

  • AdvisingTo be adequately prepared, students should meet with their academic major advisor prior to meeting with a CRP counselor. After reviewing past performance, CRP counselors will work with students to review their course load to help ensure that it supports a balanced schedule. Semester course loads will be limited to 16 credit hours with a minimum of 12 credit hours and will be managed via a Contractual Readmission hold.
  • EDHE 202, Fundamentals of Active Learning – Just like all students returning from academic suspension or dismissal, students participating in the CRP will register for Fundamentals of Active Learning, a 2-credit graded course. This course guides three aspects of students’ academic behaviors, listed below.
    • Weekly Homework Assignments – Students will be required to submit weekly homework to counselors.
    • Weekly Meetings – Students will be required to meet weekly with Program counselors. The purpose of these meetings are to monitor students’ academic performance and motivation levels as well as personal issues that could negatively impact grades and progress towards graduation.
    • Dedicated Study Time – Students are highly encouraged to develop a regular study routine that supports routine classroom preparation.
  • Planning Surveys – Students will be required to complete a planning survey on Blackboard each week. This will count towards the final grade.

Higher Standards

Students that choose to participate in the Contractual Readmission Program must agree to certain restrictions and higher standards of academic performance:

  • Higher Semester GPA – Students must earn a semester GPA of 2.2 while participating in the program. This higher standard will help students achieve good standing in a more timely manner and matches the requirements held by the Office of Financial Aid. If the student earns between a 2.0 and a 2.19 GPA they will need to repeat the course a second time. If the student earns less than a 2.0 semester GPA they will be placed on academic dismissal, regardless of whether or not they passed EDHE 202.
    • Restricted Course Schedule – Students’ schedules will be managed by Program Counselors and will be limited to maximum of 16 credit hours and a minimum of 12 credit hours. Program counselors will work with students to develop a feasible semester course load, taking into account the advice of the student’s academic major advisor and past performance. Students who choose to drop to a part time status (less than 12 credit hours) may do so with the understanding that a CRP hold will be placed on their account and they will not be able to register for the next semester’s classes until after final grades are posted.
    • Successful Completion of EDHE 202 – Students must enroll in and successfully complete EDHE 202 (a grade of C or better) as a condition of the CRP.
    • Successful Completion of Planning Surveys – Students must complete these weekly planning surveys as a condition of the CRP.
    • Academic Standing – Students must earn a semester GPA of at least 2.0 while participating in the program or they may be at risk for being academically dismissed from the University.