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First-Year Experience

Welcome to Ole Miss and the Freshman Year Experience

This course is designed to help you, as first-year students, make a positive transition from high school to college, develop a better understanding of the learning process, enhance your academic skills, acquire essential life skills to ensure your success and to begin your exploration of the career and major that are best for you. During the semester, you will be introduced to the mission, values, and constituencies of the University of Mississippi and the ethical and social concerns that you may face as a member of our community.

One of our former EDHE 105 students describes the Freshman Year Experience as “a wonderful way to become familiar with Ole Miss, acquire effective study skills, learn how to manage your time, and to discover just who you are. It gave me a lot of connections and I learned about so many helpful services I was actually able to use!”

This text actually focuses on the University of Mississippi with information about its history, traditions, and values, as well as the academic and other support services available to you. The faculty and administrators of the University of Mississippi have assembled here a virtual cookbook of the ingredients (resources) that are essential for your success. As a member of our Ole Miss family, you are strongly encouraged to learn about the breadth and depth of the help that is available to you and make good use of all of it. We care about you and your success!

Hotty Toddy,

Rachael Durham
Assistant Director
(662) 915-2767