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Academic Advising Network

The Academic Advising Network (AAN) is a professional development organization that provides academic advisors with pertinent information through monthly luncheon workshops. The AAN also maintains a listserv that is used to distribute updates on policy changes from within the university and college/schools. Through the AAN, the Office of the Provost sponsors the Excellence in Advising Awards in which one professional advisor and one faculty advisor are recognized. The nomination process is coordinated by the CSSFYE.

Please visit the Academic Advising Network for current updates on curriculum changes and AAN Workshop dates.

Our Programs

If you teach freshmen, please help us with our Freshman Attendance-Based Intervention (FABI) program. As an instructor, you report absences through our secure FABI website (found under “Reporting Services” on the gray bar of on-line faculty tools) and we check in with the student.

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Academic Advising Network

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