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Each week, a new guest joins Dr. Rebekah Reysen and Mr. Jeremy Roberts as they talk about higher education and academics.

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Episode 1 with Betsey Sawyer, Esq, BCC

Episode 2 with Kyle Ellis, Ph.D.

Episode 3 with Kelley Jenkins, Ph.D.

Episode 4 with Jillian Smart, M.Ed.

Episode 5 with Jamie Petty

Episode 6 with Marc Showalter, Ph.D., LPC

Episode 7 with Sovent Taylor, Ed.D.

Episode 8 with Shannon Richardson, Ph.D.

Episode 9 with Neal Hutchens, Ph.D., JD, and Phillis George, Ph.D.

Episode 10 with Jenn Fos, Ph.D., and Travis Hitchcock, Ph.D.


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