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A new TV show about academics, for academics. About you, for you. About your university, for your university.

Each week, a new guest joins Academic Support Programs staff as they talk about higher education and academics.

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Episode 1 with Betsey Sawyer, Esq, BCC

Episode 2 with Kyle Ellis, Ph.D.

Episode 3 with Kelley Jenkins, Ph.D.

Episode 4 with Jillian Smart, M.Ed.

Episode 5 with Jamie Petty

Episode 6 with Marc Showalter, Ph.D., LPC

Episode 7 with Sovent Taylor, Ed.D.

Episode 8 with Shannon Richardson, Ph.D.

Episode 9 with Neal Hutchens, Ph.D., JD, and Phillis George, Ph.D.

Episode 10 with Jenn Fos, Ph.D., and Travis Hitchcock, Ph.D.

Episode 11 with Rick Balkin, Ph.D., LPCC, NPC

Episode 12 with Stephen Reysen, Ph.D, and Courtney Plante, Ph.D.

Episode 13 with Jackie Certion, MS

Episode 14 with Sarah Sapp, M.A.

Episode 15 with Amanda Winburn, Ph.D., LPC, RPT, NCSC, NCC

Episode 16 with Melissa Dennis

Episode 17 with EJ Edney, Ed.D., and Lauren Jones, M.A.

Episode 18 with Emmy Parkes, MS, RDN

Episode 19 with Amy Wells Dolan, Ph.D.

Episode 20 with Brent Marsh, Ph.D.

Episode 21 with Rick Balkin, Ph.D., LPCC, NPC, part 2

Episode 22 with Josh Eyler, Ph.D.

Episode 23 with Suzanne Wilkin, MS

Episode 24 with Ann Monroe, Ed.D., and Joel Amidon, Ph.D.



Episode 1 with Kayla VonBurg, MA

Episode 2 with Kate Forster, MSW, and Mandi Bloodworth, LMSW

Episode 3 with Michael Smith, M.A.

Episode 4 with Patrick Perry, Ph.D.

Episode 5 with Dion Sanford, MA

Episode 6 with Ellen Brewer, MEd

Episode 7 with Xavier Vazquez

Episode 8 with Wesley Notestine, MS

Episode 9 with Sarah Holmes O’Neal


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