Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops are a semester-long series open to all Ole Miss Students. Each workshop is designed to teach students how to create their own learning tools. The techniques shown help students reflect on how they learn and practice alternative study techniques for more effective and efficient learning. Students may attend any or all workshops, which are held in Hill Hall.

Workshops are held on the following topics:

-Time Management 

-Test Prep Plans

-Reading Strategies 

-Mapping Strategies 

-Note Taking

What are Student Success Workshops and how do they work?, a video explanation.


Video Library

Success in an Online Course

Overview of Study Skills

Student Success Coaching

Time Management

Note Taking Strategies

Test Prep Strategies

Study Skills: Concept Maps

Reading Strategy: SQ4R

CETL – Academic Resource Videos

Tell us what you would like to see next.  E-mail Jeremy Roberts to let ASP know what new videos you would like to see related to study skills, time management, organization, coaching, and more!


Due to recent developments with the University of Mississippi and COVID-19, Academic Support is developing a series of online videos to use as workshops through a new YouTube Channel.  These videos will include overall tips on studying, time management, organization, specific study skills, and much more.

*No Registration Required.  We are committed to ensuring campus events are accessible and inclusive. If you require accommodations or assistance due to the impact of a disability, please contact Jeremy Roberts at 662.915.2230 or


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Student Success Coaching

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