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Excellence in Advising Award

Recognize outstanding academic advising and to enhance visibility to the institutional commitment to quality advising.

The University of Mississippi will award annually two Excellence in Advising Awards, one for faculty and one for staff. The awards will be presented in the spring semester. A cash award of $1000 will be presented to each recipient. In addition, Ole Miss will nominate the Excellence in Advising Award winners for the National Academic Advising Association’s Outstanding Advisor Awards.

1. Faculty and staff who serve as an advisor to undergraduate, graduate or professional students are eligible.
2. The Selection Committee reserves the right to not grant any awards.
3. In order to receive the award and monetary stipend, the award winner will be asked to represent the University of Mississippi by providing additional materials needed for nomination packets to the National Academic Advising Association.
4. Once nominated the nominee will receive email notification regarding the nomination. The notification will also include all supplemental materials needed to apply for the NACADA awards if he/she is chosen as a winner. Nominees may withdraw their name for consideration at this time.

The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations through documentation of effective advising qualities and practices which distinguish the nominee as an outstanding academic advisor. Such evidence may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

*Availability to advisees, faculty, or staff
*Demonstration of a caring and helpful attitude toward advisees, faculty, and staff
*Meeting advisees in an informal setting
*Perception by colleagues of nominee’s advising skills
*Participation in and support of intrusive advising to build strong relationships with advisees
*Evidence of student success in the academic area
*Frequency of contact with advisees
*Use and dissemination of appropriate information sources
*Master of institutional regulations, policies, and procedures
*Institutional recognition of nominee for outstanding advising or advising information
*Monitoring of student progress toward academic and career goals
*Appropriate referral activity
*Strong interpersonal skills
*Developmental advising (career/life planning) vs. course scheduling



Submit your nomination by completing the form below. Please direct any questions to Victoria McCord at


Deadline for submissions is April 28, 2023.

Advising Award Nominations

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