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EDHE 202 – Fundamentals of Active Learning

Welcome to the EDHE 202 webpage. EDHE 202 , Fundamentals of Active Learning, was developed to provide you with a caring and supportive environment and equip you with the necessary tools to be successful at the University of Mississippi and beyond. EDHE 202 is required for all students who are returning from academic suspension or dismissal. Take a moment to explore the program up close and see how each component has been designed with your personal and academic success in mind. There is a $250 course fee for EDHE 202 which covers the following: an electronic copy of the textbook, various academic assessments, and administrative/instructor fees.

What is EDHE 202?, a video explanation

For questions about this program please contact Dr. Rebekah Reysen.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that students get into academic difficulty for a lot of different reasons and we have designed this course to be comprehensive enough to address those various reasons. Our program is built on care, support, and empowerment. The program contains three major elements to support your success and achievement: weekly meetings, homework assignments, and study hours.

We care

We are here because we care about you and we want to help you be successful in achieving the educational goals you set for yourself here at the University. There are faculty members, instructors, and graduate assistants available to work with you as you successfully complete EDHE 202, a condition of your readmission to the University, and work towards graduation.

We will help you set aside quiet study time

We all know that learning takes time and effort. Even so, sometimes we find ourselves trapped in a pattern of attending to immediate needs and emergencies, even when it hurts us in the long run. As part of the program, we recommend you to carve out five hours per week to devote to your studies in the J.D. William Library. Those participating in the Contractual Readmission Program may utilize study space in 201 Hill Hall.

We will support you

As a competent of EDHE 202, you will meet weekly with a counselor either individually or in a small group. These meetings are designed to provide you with support as you identify and discuss previous academic and personal obstacles, develop strategies for change and improvement, make well-balanced choices, and share camaraderie and fellowship with other students. As a small group, you will both provide and receive the support and encouragement of each other. The meetings last one hour, are scheduled for one day a week, and meet in Hill Hall.

As you go through the course, you may have questions about the course or the University. Your counselor or small group leader is your resource person for such questions. If she or he cannot answer the questions immediately, s/he will research the issue and provide you with answers or contact information for the people that can do so. Please see your counselor or group leader as a resource.

Issues and Answers

  • What happens if I had to miss a meeting? We understand that life is busy and sometimes we have to make difficult choices. The grading structure allow you the flexibility of missing up to 32% without failing. However, if you miss more than 32% for whatever set of reasons, then you will fail.
  • But what if I was sick or had a doctor’s appointment or an excusable absence? If your problems are so serious that you will have trouble meeting 68% of all requirements, please talk with your group leader or counselor ASAP. Problems that impact this class are rarely isolated and will impact your entire schedule.
  • My problems are personal, not academic. If you are not comfortable talking about your personal problems with other students in the room, ask for an individual appointment. Everyone associated with this program is a counselor or counselor-in-training. We want to help you and we believe that talking about your concerns better helps you cope with them.
  • But I didn’t know… With independence comes responsibility. Not knowing is not an excuse; it is a problem. How to become more cognizant of requirements and responsibilities is a great topic for group discussions. Bring it up in your next meeting.
  • What is the $250 charge for? Your money pays the graduate stipends of all the Masters and Doctoral students that help you and your fellow students in the program.
  • How come this class can only hurt your GPA, not help it? This statement usually springs from distemper rather that rational thought. If you read the program description above, you will see that the entire course is about helping your grade.
  • I should not have to take this class! If you are returning from academic suspension or dismissal, regardless of whether you “sat out,” then you do have to take this class as a condition of your readmission. If you believe there is a mistake, contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the staff will look at your grades with you. If there is a mistake, we will correct it. If there is no mistake, then you must take the class, pass it, and avoid being re-suspended. There are no waivers or exceptions.
  • How can I get out of having to take this class? Do the work, pass the class, earn grades of C or better, and graduate! Make yourself and your loved ones proud!


EDHE 202 is a Recipient of the IHL 2008 Best Practices Award