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Academic Consultations

These meetings are designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academics. We have a wide range of strategies that may help you refine your note taking, time management, test preparation, and organization skills. Please come prepared with some class materials so that we can practice some strategies.

What is an Academic Consultation? Watch our video here.

Meet Our Consultants


Jeremy Roberts, Interim Assistant Director, Academic Support Programs

About Jeremy: Jeremy is the Interim Assistant Director for Academic Support Programs in the CSSFYE.  He oversees the daily operations of the at-risk programs; scheduling of presentations and workshops; marketing the ASP services to the University; and meets with parents and students to discuss EDHE 101, 202, and 303, academic coaching and consulting opportunities, and study skills/techniques.  Jeremy has taught for CSSFYE since the Fall of 2012 – teaching EDHE 101, 105, 202, 303, and 305 with multiple sections each semester.  He is originally from Terry, MS, but has called Oxford home since his freshman year in 2002. Jeremy has degrees in English and Hospitality Management from the University of Mississippi, a masters in Health and Sports Science from the University of Memphis, and an MBA from Delta State University.  He is also an event planner with 20 years of experience.  He is a Notary Public, Certified Web-Enhanced Instructor, Certified Hospitality Professional, and has been awarded Instructor of the Year Spring 2017 for his work in EDHE 101: Academic Skills for College.  Jeremy is passionate about marketing, all things event management, and learning each day from the students he interacts with here on campus.


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